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Smokin Tex Pro 1400While the other two electric smokers in our pick for the top 3 best electric smoker are packed with tech gadgets to help users produce great tasting smoked meats with minimal effort, the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 electric smoker sticks with the tried and tested design. The current Smokin Tex Pro 1400 design has been around with minimal changes for more than 15 years.

The Smokin Tex Pro 1400 has a simple but sturdy fully stainless steel smoking compartment with a front door that is mounted on four castor wheels. Inside the smoker is an electric heating element and there is a temperature controller mounted at the top of the unit.

While the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 doesn’t have the bell and whistles of an automatic wood chip feeder system like the Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker or a wireless remote control like the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Smoker, it has a design that has stood the test of time. In fact, many top end electric smokers use the same design including the Cookshack brand that costs many times more than the Smokin Tex Pro 1400.

If you are looking for an electric smoker with a traditional design that has proven to be simple but effective, the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 electric smoker is the smoker for you.

ModelSmokin Tex Pro 1400
Cooking capacity (lbs)Approximately 38
Adjustable racks (nos)3 (Capacity for 5)
Temperature Controller TypeThermostat, analog
Cooking Temp Range (°F)100 to 250
Heating Element Power Rating (W)700
External Dimensions (in)17.5(W) x 21(D) x 29(H)
Other features
  • All stainless steel smoker
  • Comes complete with 3 grills, wheels, wood, drip pan, 6' power cord, cookbook, and instructions
  • Warranty (months)24

    What we like about the Smokin Tex Pro 1400

    The Smokin Tex Pro 1400 has a fully stainless steel smoking compartment that has a double wall. The stainless steel construction means that this thing will last while the double wall provides excellent heat insulation. Heat gets retained effectively so that less energy is required to maintain the temperature inside the smoker. At the same time, the smoker is less affected by the outside temperature. Users have commented that they have used the smoker at temperatures of 30 below zero.

    The sealing on the door is very good with minimal heat loss. This also helps to keep the moisture trapped in the smoking chamber and prevents the meat from drying out. In fact the chamber is so well insulated and sealed, all you need is about half a cup of wood chips to smoke a fully loaded smoker. However, as with any smoker, you must learn to resist opening the door. Just load up the smoker, add the chips, set the timer and then wait till it’s ready.

    While the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 doesn’t have a automatic wood feeding system or a special opening to feed in extra chips manually, its excellent insulation and sealing allows for smoking without the need for adding additional wood chips. Smoking up to 16 hours require about a dollar of electricity and 15 to 20 cents worth of wood. The Smokin Tex Pro 1400 is truly a set it and forget it smoker. You do not need to check on it unless you are smoking different types of meat or you are smoking vegetables as they require shorter smoking time.

    The Smokin Tex Pro 1400 also has a warming feature that keeps the food warm. This allows you to prepare everything in advance early on and then use the warming feature to keep everything nice and warm until they are ready to be served.

    Fully loaded, the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 can fit about 35 to 40 lbs of meat. This is enough for a party of 20-30 people. The smoker comes with 3 smoking trays which can be fitted into 5 different positions. This gives a lot of flexibility to adjust the shelving space to maximize the cooking space. The trays are also dish-washer safe.

    There is also an optional cold smoke plate that can be purchased separately to add cold smoking capability to the smoker.

    Last but not least, the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 comes with a 24 month warranty against defects. This is actually quite a huge plus point as electric smokers tend to have electric heaters that break down frequently.

    What we didn’t like about the Smokin Tex Pro 1400

    The controls for the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 are really simple. The temperature controller is mechanical and has no frills. There isn’t even a simple power lamp on the control to indicate that the smoker is switched on. Also, the smoker also has no timer, not even a mechanical one.

    The smoker is less than 3 feet high so the door and control height is less than ideal. You can mount the smoker on an optional smoker cart that has additional shelves or you can just place it on a table top. The castor wheels can be removed as well.

    Last but not least, for a smoker that is basically a metal box on wheels and absolutely no frills compared to our 2 other smokers, the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 is the most expensive electric smoker among the 3. It costs more than double of the cheapest model, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 40 inch.


    While the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 may not impress in design and features, it more than makes up for it by just sticking to the basics with a tried and tested design that has proven time and time again to produce some of the best smoked meats ever. Best of all, for once, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience while giving up the frills. The Smokin Tex Pro is just as easy to use as the newer gadget loaded models.

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    1. I almost bought this smoker, but after accessories and shipping and taxes I was looking at $1,000. Are there any sites to minimize shipping and taxes? Are there any promotions? Would after Christmas be a better time to buy?

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